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About Truck Care

It is a comprehensive rental of commercial vehicles designed with the transport business in mind. A response to the needs of companies that are looking for convenient and flexible solutions.

The offer prepared by Truck Care facilitates the work of entrepreneurs by optimizing all fleet maintenance costs. It is a modern solution in the TSL sector that will ensure the safety of every transport activity.

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What kind of rental are you interested in?

Short-term rent

1 day to 12 months

Commercial vehicles from various segments and brands, regularly serviced and checked at authorized service points, available immediately from just one day.

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Long-term rent

Over 12 months

The long-term rental offer is tailored to your needs and is distinguished by a flexible approach to the concluded contract.

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The benefits of our services

Truck Care are trucks, vans and semi-trailers available from HAND for short, medium and long-term rental.

The Truck Care fleet already comprises 4 700 vehicles - trucks, vans, semi-trailers and specialist vehicles. Each of them is available under a full contract covering not only rental, but also financing, insurance, taxes, service, tires and additional packages.

What are the benefits of vehicle rental?


What are the benefits of vehicle rental?

For transport and distribution companies that expect a large and uniform fleet with comprehensive service at home and abroad, as well as companies looking for ad hoc solutions resulting from the surplus of orders and the hot season on the market.


Save time and resources

You manage the company, work on subsequent orders, and at the same time we take care of your fleet and its servicing, renting a delivery vehicle has never been so easy.


Optimal order management

Rental is a great solution in a dynamically changing market.


Easier management of the company's budget

When you use the rental, your utility costs are fixed, planned and guaranteed in advance under your contract.


Specialist advice from Truck Care specialists

We will help you choose vehicles tailored to your business needs.


Maintaining investment capacity

By renting a fleet of vehicles, you do not block your own capital and you have no problem with the loss of value of the purchased vehicles. It is a safe solution when you are planning new investments in the future.


After-sales service

The customer does not bear any additional costs related to the operation of the fleet - any breakdowns and vehicle service are the responsibility of Truck Care.

Service network

The strength of Truck Care is an extensive service network, thanks to which our customers have constant access to repair services offered under the contract.

We operate throughout Poland – we have 21 authorized services. These are modern facilities where we carry out comprehensive repairs and provide access to a wide range of spare parts. In addition, we cooperate with services throughout Europe, which is why we provide service for the rented fleet, regardless of the direction in which your company operates. The Truck Care service network is:

  • 20 own and 5 partner websites
  • 239 repair stations
  • over 400 mechanics with different specializations
  • 28 868 m2 of total workshop area
  • authorizations DAF, MAN, IVECO, KOEGEL and many others
  • extensive network of spare parts sales
  • body and paint services
  • full claims settlement
  • remote technical monitoring of vehicles using DBK Fleet Management
+48 660 123 000 Write to us

For assistance and questions regarding the maintenance services, call the hotline below.


ul. Skotnicka 250 30-394 Kraków

+48 660 123 000

ul. Logistyczna 4 41-208 Sosnowiec

+48 660 123 000

ul. Radoszowska 1A 41-707 Ruda Śląska

+48 660 123 000

ul. Gliwicka 179 44-207 Rybnik

+48 660 123 000

ul. Wrocławska 151 45-837 Opole

+48 660 123 000

ul. Polna 31 55-095 Długołęka

+48 660 123 000

ul. Obodrzycka 73 61-249 Poznań

+48 660 123 000

ul. Bydgoska 5 86-014 Kruszyn

+48 660 123 000

ul. Poznańska 290D 87-100 Toruń

+48 660 123 000

ul. Szczecińska 117 74-107 Radziszewo

+48 660 123 000

ul. Koszalińska 60 75-016 Kretomino

+48 660 123 000

ul. Lubowidzka 33 80-174 Gdańsk

+48 660 123 000

ul. Pstrowskiego 28 10-602 Olsztyn

+48 660 123 000

ul. Szafirowa 6 16-400 Suwałki

+48 660 123 000

ul. Jana Pawła II nr 102 15-704 Białystok

+48 660 123 000

ul. Zaborowska 1 05-860 Święcice

+48 660 123 000

ul. Pierwsze 85B 21-050 Bystrzejowice

+48 660 123 000

ul. Świerkowa 2 64-320 Niepruszewo

+48 660 123 000


authorized own services



years of experience


modern service infrastructure throughout Poland

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Fleet management

Truck Care rental is not only about vehicles and services under the contract, such as service or insurance.

We go one step further and offer our clients a fleet management service.

As part of this offer, we provide comprehensive service for the company's fleet - including vehicles that are not covered by Truck Care rental.

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The hotline is open from Monday to Friday from 8:00 to 16:00

+48 660 123 000

Call cost according to the operator's rate.


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