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Truck Care is a comprehensive, safe and modern rental service for commercial vehicles, designed with the transport business in mind. The long-, medium- and short-term rental offer is a response to sudden demand also in companies with an extensive fleet of vehicles.

The Truck Care fleet is one of the most modern in Poland, it already has over 3,700 vehicles - trucks, vans and trailers. Each of them is available under a full contract covering not only rental, but also financing, insurance, taxes service, tires and additional packages.

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What kind of rental are you interested in?

Short-term rent

1 to 45 days

Commercial vehicles from various segments and brands, regularly serviced and checked at authorized service points of the TRUCK CARE, available immediately from just one day.

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Medium-term rent

From 2 to 12 months

Commercial vehicles from various segments and brands, available immediately in one fixed monthly subscription, at no extra charge, with a full package of additional services.

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Long-term rent

Over 12 months

The long-term rental offer is tailored to your needs and is distinguished by a flexible approach to the concluded contract.

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What are the benefits of vehicle rental?


What are the benefits of vehicle rental?

For transport and distribution companies that expect a large and uniform fleet with comprehensive service at home and abroad, as well as companies looking for ad hoc solutions resulting from the surplus of orders and the hot season on the market.


Save time and resources

aYou manage the company, work on subsequent orders, and at the same time we take care of your fleet and its servicing, renting a delivery vehicle has never been so easy.


Optimal order management

Rental is a great solution in a dynamically changing market.


Easier management of the company's budget

When you use the rental, your utility costs are fixed, planned and guaranteed in advance under your contract.


Specialist advice from Truck Care specialists

We will help you choose vehicles tailored to your business needs.


Maintaining investment capacity

By renting a fleet of vehicles, you do not block your own capital and you have no problem with the loss of value of the purchased vehicles. It is a safe solution when you are planning new investments in the future.


After-sales service

The customer does not bear any additional costs related to the operation of the fleet - any breakdowns and vehicle service are the responsibility of Truck Care.

Our clients' industries

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Transport and logistics


Specialized transport




Production and distribution


Trade and services

Transport 2

Courier services


Industrial production

Public Transport

Public services

Long-term Truck Care rental

Thanks to our offer, entrepreneurs can constantly use new vehicles, the operation of which is not burdensome and does not generate high repair costs. In the short-term variant, it allows you to solve sudden problems with the fleet or carry out more ambitious orders that require the company to perform additional transport tasks in a short time. Medium and long-term rental is a solution that provides not only convenience.

The entrepreneur saves time and minimizes the workload to keep the fleet fully operational. He only deals with management, focusing on the optimal use of means of transport.


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