The New Iveco Daily Van

The new IVECO Daily Van that will change your view of business

A lot more than a car. The new Daily is designed to help you run your business sustainably and achieve a positive financial result. In a rapidly changing world, where automation is playing an increasingly important role, the new Daily has made great strides in terms of autonomous driving and safety.

In the new Daily, technology is at the service of the driver: if you spend most of your working day behind the wheel, the cabin and driving comfort must be at the highest level. For 40 years, every next generation of Daily has been offering an ever-increasing level of comfort and driving experience at the highest level in the industry.

The new Daily uses connectivity to open up a new space for highly personalised services, tailored precisely to the way the vehicle is used and the demands placed on it.

It’s a truly comprehensive transport solution, tailor-made for your business.
Sustainability and financial performance

The new Daily engine is distinguished by its low fuel consumption thanks to solutions such as an electronically controlled turbocharger with variable geometry, special A Super Eco class tyres with low rolling resistance designed specifically for the Daily and the Start & Stop system.

Product improvements and less frequent oil changes result in significant savings of up to 10% of maintenance costs for urban use.

The Daily is famous for its wide range of engines. It’s the only car on the market with two engines optimized for top performance in every transport task:

The 2.3 litre F1A engine is now available with homologation for both light and heavy duty vehicles;

The 3-litre F1C engine has increased performance and develops power up to 210 hp, allowing it to cope with a high payload. The unit is also available in a compressed natural gas version with low emissions and low noise levels.
Guidance and safety enhancement systems

The new Daily has introduced significant improvements to the Autonomous Riding and Safety features of the new Daily. The car is equipped with a full set of advanced driver assistance systems. All these advanced technologies are designed to serve the driver, helping him or her to safely focus on a job that requires ever more divisive attention. They reduce the risk of accidents on motorways and busy streets, helping in difficult situations and reducing the stress of driving in heavy traffic – for the benefit of your quality of life at the wheel and your bottom line. Reducing traffic incidents with AEBS and City Brake PRO features

Reducing stress in traffic jams with Queue Assist

Safe driving on motorways thanks to active cruise control

Lane maintenance with the ProActive Lane Keeping Assist function

Stability in gusty winds with Crosswind Assist

Safety down a steep slope with Hill Descent Control

More grip with Traction Plus

*According to the Economic Commission for Europe.
Cabin comfort and driving experience

Even better conditions and greater comfort created by the driver are conducive to work efficiency.

Electric power steering with City mode for smooth manoeuvrability

The new colour display in the instrument cluster ensures a smooth interaction with the vehicle.

With compatibility with Apple Car Play and Android Auto, digital apps from your smartphone can be operated on a 7-inch screen in the cabin.

Tyre pressure monitoring system improves safety and efficiency

New electric parking brake makes parking easier and more efficient

Efficient lighting entirely made of LED technology ensures excellent visibility
Improvements in communications and services

But the new Daily offers much more: the driver has access to a range of services to help him run his business more proactively and efficiently, minimizing downtime and maximizing productivity.
Reduced downtime through direct contact between the vehicle and IVECO specialists, who can use the data they receive to perform diagnostics, identify possible problems before they occur and take preventive action.
Personalised services ideally suited to everyday use, thanks to real-time data received from Daily.
Optimise your daily performance through the MYDAILY portal, which continuously analyses performance, fuel consumption and even driving style of the driver.
Fleet management solutions that will reduce costs through more efficient vehicle tracking, fleet rationalisation, fleet monitoring, terminal monitoring, etc.

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