Curtain semi-trailers

One of the most popular types of trailers in Poland. This situation results from the construction of this type of semi-trailers, which enables the transport of various types of goods.

Their solid and durable construction will work in all conditions. Such semi-trailers are known as "quick-loading semi-trailers", which results from the use of extendable stanchions, which enable side loading with a forklift truck.

Another advantage is the lifting roof , which additionally increases the functionality of the trailer. Solutions used in such semi-trailers have a positive effect on the convenience of operation, loading / unloading time and operating costs.

Curtain semi-trailers are perfect for the transport of loose goods, bulk packed or palletized. The trailers are offered in two options: standard and mega , which has a lower frame. Thanks to this solution, you can manage the cargo space more efficiently.

Curtain Semi Trailers


Curtain semi-trailer Standard S24P 90 / 1.100 /
Curtain semi-trailer Mega S24P 90 / 1.100 /

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