Refrigerated semi-trailers

Refrigerated semi-trailers for rent at Truck Care

Our rental offer focuses on refrigerated trailers from the renowned SCHMITZ brand.

Schmitz cold stores are based on a proven design that is constantly being improved. Such solutions guarantee trouble-free operation and thus have a positive effect on the timely execution of orders.

This type of semi-trailers and properly selected aggregates ensure appropriate conditions for the transport of goods. Refrigerated semi-trailers will be used in the transport of such goods as medicines, chemicals, food, flowers and deep-frozen products. Schmitz cold stores are characterized by high load capacity, properly selected insulation and generate low costs of use.


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SK024/L 13.4 FP 60 COOL (z agregatem chłodniczym marki CARRIER)

SCHMITZ semi-trailers are made of FERROPLAST panels, which have a unique structure. Thanks to this solution, a very high level of thermal insulation has been achieved, ensuring appropriate cargo transport conditions. An additional benefit of the use of such panels is shorter operation of the unit, i.e. fuel savings. A wide range of additional equipment allows the cold store to be adapted to customer requirements.

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SK024/L 13.4 FP 60 COOL DOPPELSTOCK – chłodnia dwupoziomowa (z agregatem chłodniczym marki CARRIER)

Double space for your cargo.
Doppelstock trailers allow transport on two adjustable height levels. Thanks to this solution, the semi-trailer is able to accommodate not 33, but as many as 65 pallets. With a weight of about 8 kg, the beam has a load capacity of 1000 kg. The light weight of the elements does not affect the load capacity of the entire trailer. The construction of the beams makes their assembly / disassembly very simple. When transporting high pallets, the beams can be quickly mounted under the roof, leaving space for ventilation ducts.
In the latest V7 semi-trailers, the rails on which the beams move have been modified, thanks to which the maintenance and cleaning of the semi-trailer has become easier.

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Commercial vehicles from various segments and brands, regularly serviced and checked at authorized service points of the DBK Group, available immediately from just one day.

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Commercial vehicles from various segments and brands, available immediately in one fixed monthly subscription, at no extra charge, with a full package of additional services.

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The long-term rental offer is tailored to your needs and is distinguished by a flexible approach to the concluded contract.

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